Kanye West: “Get High” (Father Funk Remix)


Welcome to The Song Monster & thank you for taking time out of your day to wander through this new music blog!

We all need musical vitamins, minerals, and nourishment throughout our day. Hopefully this site will fill your ears with fresh musical produce mixed with an assortment of delicious head-nodding induced rhythms.

Hip-Hop is a major influence of mine so the vast majority of future posts will follow a similar pattern. The first official post is a remix of one of my favorite rappers in Kanye West, by Father Funk, a 20 year-old Ghetto Funk DJ based out of Leeds, UK. Heavy drum beats mixed with classic bars from Yeezie’s “College Dropout” keep this track more fresh than a weekend farmer’s market. Enjoy 🙂

If you are enjoying Father Funk’s track here are a few fun links!


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