AIR: “Le Soleil est pres de Moi” (Selector Retrodisco Rainy Suite Rework)

The year was 2010. I was sitting with some friends, most of whom happened to have been French, and we were having a casual dinner with some drinks. During the course of the meal and conversation someone decided to play some music from their computer and suddenly I hear a song that catches my attention. Within minutes a second, a third, and fourth song come on and each one makes me feel like ignoring the people around me and zone in on the chilled out beats emanating from the laptop. Little did I know but the music wasn’t a mix of various artists, it was the Moon Safari album from AIR, a French lounge DJ duo. From that fateful dinner party onward I became a huge fan of the group and this rainy day remix by Selector Retrodisco simply makes me smile. Enjoy and have a wonderful day.

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