Monster Memoirs Thrice

I am not a musician, nor do I ever intend to become one 🙂 I respect anyone who makes an effort to do music and this is a mix of various songs that currently are repeating heavily in my earphones. This is the latest edition of Monster Memoirs, it’s way overdo but I hope you enjoy. A special shout out goes out to all the DJs, producers, rappers, singers, and musicians who created them! A second shout out goes to you, the beautiful person who is reading this blog post, because without your time and support this page wouldn’t even exist 🙂

*NOTE: Make sure to book an appointment with your ear doctor after listening to this filthy mix…

*NOTE number 2: If any artists that I’ve blogged before were left out of this mix, it’s not because I don’t think their music is dope as well. This is purely an “in the moment” mix and doesn’t mean that I like someone’s sound more than other’s 🙂

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