Snakeships: “All My Friends” (Wave Racer Remix)

It’s not right.

It’s not right how good this remix is. It’s also not right how much I like every single artist involved. Snakeships, TinasheChance the Rapper, and now Wave Racer…Too much goodness for one track.


2 thoughts on “Snakeships: “All My Friends” (Wave Racer Remix)

  1. pretty cool! I love seeing other music blogs and their styles. I made a post for this song as well and then they turned it into A FREAKIN PREVIEW! what the hell! I had to take it off my blog haha. Keep up the good work. it’s not as easy at it looks to run a music blog!

    1. Hey Sound in Colors thank you for the shout out! Yeah this was tripping me out haha about the song because it kept ending!! I appreciate you giving my blog a notice, your is cool too!

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