Ed Sheeran: “Shape of You” (Lux Holm, Yaniss Nasri & RNX Remix)


Ed Sheeran has definitely been climbing the music charts these days and every version of this single has put me in a good mood. Lux Holm, Yaniss Nasri, and RNX (Trap Cords) deserve a lot of credit for turning this radio friendly hit into a pure head banger. Enjoy!

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Lux Holm:

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Trap Cords:

10 thoughts on “Ed Sheeran: “Shape of You” (Lux Holm, Yaniss Nasri & RNX Remix)

      1. haha to be honest I have only heard covers of remixes of his music, like his “No Diggidy” or Kyge remix of “I See Fire.” Galway Girl is pretty solid!

      2. Hey Julian thanks man, I just sent a request to join it! I try and most every day so I’ll share some finds on there. Do you have a music blog as well?

      3. Awesome man! Yea I write as well, mostly about movies and music on a platform called Creators.co, here’s my blog: creators.co/@julian 🙂

      4. Nice, I will follow you! Thanks for inviting me to Music Moguls, I promise not to clutter the group with nonsense. I’ll share some songs here and there on it. Cheers!

      5. Feel free to share whatever you’d like and also shoot me a friend request on Facebook 🙂 facebook.com/julianarde

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