BANKS.: “Trainwreck” (Turbotito Dub Remix)

Filip Nikolic is a man of many names. I'm sure his friends just call him Phil, but to many disco music enthusiasts he is known as Turbotito. He is one have of one of my favorites, Poolside. I would maybe switch his name to legend after listening to this amazing Dub remix of Banks. Enjoy!  

People Under The Stairs: “Hit The Hop” (MGgost Remix)

People Under The Stairs is one my favorite Hip-Hop groups of all time. When people say that the current Hip-Hop industry isn't what it used to be and that most  influential artists are watered down, I feel confident that they have never heard of these Los Angeles based rhyme slayers. Since 1998 Double K and Thes…

A Tribe Called Quest: “Can I Kick It” (King Most Redirection)

A Tribe Called Quest is hands down my all-time favorite hip-hop group of all time. Their We Got It From Here....Thank You 4 Your Service was outstanding and every time I hear Phife Dawg lay a verse it's hard to not get emotional inside. This remix by King Most does a more than adequate job of staying true to…

Q: “Finest Thot”

Right now I find myself in Seattle, Washington and a storm is starting to pass through. This chill bass-heavy track by 25 year old producer Q is a great soundtrack for right now. Visuals from Taking Woodstock and Hippie Sabotage-like beat drops make the rain a lot more bearable.  

A Tribe Called Quest: “Can I Kick It?” (Rhythm Scholar Remix)

A Tribe Called Quest might be my favorite Hip-Hop group of all time. Back in 2010 I was extremely fortunate in seeing them perform live at the Rock The Bells music festival in Mountain View, CA and each time a dope remix of theirs gets created it's an obligation to share it. Rhythm Scholar has…