Win and Woo: “Chasing Tail” (Madnap Remix)

A special shout out to WaveMusic is necessary because it's always nice to read the lyrics to songs that you find especially solid. Win And Woo originally joined forces with Ashe and quite honestly we are fans of both versions. Madnap is an LA based producer who reminds me a lot of Wave Racer and little bit if Odesza…

Halsey: “Bad at Love” (Autograf Remix)

Electro-pop rising star Halsey just recruited Chicago trio Autograf to do a remix of one her newest singles. "Bad at Love" appears in her latest album, "Hopeless Fountain Kingdom"  and it's hard to say which version I like more. Either way, both should be repeated many times. Enjoy!  

Justin Caruso: “Love Somebody” (Adam Fine Remix)

Adam Fine is becoming one of my favorite producers because he's remixed artists from all genres, ranging from Gnarls Barkely, Flo Rida, & Destiny's Child. This track is great because he is remixing an artist who also has an interest in remixing other famous artists. Justin Caruso has some solid renditions of bands like Blink-182 ,…

AT8: “We Go Down” (Ft. Rommel)

I haven't posted in a couple of weeks, and for that I'm sorry. Sometimes the vibes really do go on safari and nothing gets posted! I really like the layers of soft saxophone growls on this track by AT8 that features some excellent vocals from Rommel. It's hard to not enjoy some chill tropical house…

Strumbrellas: “Spirits” (MW Remix)

Recently I've been on a major Strumbrellas kick, and my addiction to their folk-pop sound has forced me to dig around for dope remixes of their material. "Spirits" is probably the song that has been repeated most frequently in my Spotify account, and this House remix by MW is pretty darn good. Enjoy!