Maya Jakobson: “Happy In Here” (Alessia Cara Vs. Pharrell Williams Vs. Kanye West Mash-up)

It's been a couple months since blogging, how have you been??   Heeps of good music has been released in 2016, here is a fantastic mash-up of Yeezy, Pharrell, and Alessia Cara by Maya Jakobson 🙂 You look great this year, cheers to more dope music.

Monster Memoirs Thrice

I am not a musician, nor do I ever intend to become one 🙂 I respect anyone who makes an effort to do music and this is a mix of various songs that currently are repeating heavily in my earphones. This is the latest edition of Monster Memoirs, it's way overdo but I hope you enjoy.…

Maya Jakobson: “How Deep is Your Club”

Studies have proven that dancing is a pretty amazing stress reliever. Studies have also shown that playing some Maya Jakobson might induce a sudden urge to stop whatever you were doing and step to her beats. I'm not much of a researcher but her great music inspires me to be one 🙂