Hannie: “Low Key” (ft. Carys Selvey)

  If you're looking for some fresh indie-pop to add to your summertime playlist then you might find this recently released single "Low Key" by HANNIE a worthy addition. Hannah plays the keys and Annie plays the guitar, and both are extremely talented. I came across this song by chance but after a few listens…

Explorers: “Life is Strange” (Radio Edit)

It's been a hot minute since sharing guys, so why not go hop in a pool somewhere and vibe out to this fresh single from Explorers? This has all the makings of a pretty great addition to your next weekend playlist.  

Justin Bieber: “Friends” ft BloodPop (Castle Brothers & Peter Possession Remix) (Jake Donaldson Cover)

Looking for the right words to say to someone who you haven't talked to in a while, but still care about? Maybe Justin Bieber can be your relationship coach. After giving this solid remix of Biebs by Castle Brothers & Peter Possession I walked away wanting to write someone a letter. Shout out to Jake…

Mougleta: “Dancing Shoes”

Something inside is telling me that today is going to be amazing. Perhaps it's becuase normally on Fridays the energy is quite positive. I have a feeling that it's because this new single from Toronto's Mougleta is providing the perfect supply of pop-infused sound waves to make the afternoon feel amazing. It's really hard to classify her…

Rihanna: “Bitch Better Have My Money” (ZABO Remix)

Somewhere in the world it's after midnight and somewhere there are people dancing as if morning hasn't already arrived. Whoever is spinning the music in this part of the world should mix in this dope remix by ZABO and I can guarantee the party will last a little bit longer.

ARIZONA: “Cross My Mind”

Listening to this song by ARIZONA, I have a hard time not thinking back to prior relationships and wishing they could have ghost written all of my text conversations. Once again this New Jersey based band never fails to provide a fresh soundtrack for the day!