Busta Rhymes & Q-Tip vs. 2pac: “How Do You Want Ill” (Devient Remix)

It's been a long time since hearing so many good rhyme spitters on one track. It would have been a masterpiece if a collaboration like this really had happened while 2pac was alive, but thanks to Devient one can now gain a great image of how it could have been ūüôā Enjoy!

Happy “Fri-DRE”: “Still California” (Wick-it Moombahton Remix)

Wick-It the Investigator never fails, in fact he got straight "A's" during his keeping it real exam. This track, even though is a little bit dated, provided a great introduction to his wide catalog of talents. Enjoy, slump, and have fun this "Fri-Dre"

2Pac x Flume: “Sleepless in Thugz Mansion” (DOC Mashup)

"Save Me a Place in Thugz Mansion" Thank you DOC for bringing the West Coast and far far West Coast (at least from the angle your looking from) even closer together. This mash-up has so much flavor that I am going to need to get my blood pressure checked...

2Pac versus The XX: “Ghetto Angels” (Carlos Serrano & TrapZillas remix)

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