A-1: “Unpredictable” (featuring Mr. Carmack & Kaytranada, “The Ones” remix)

Hailing from one of my favorite neighborhoods in San Francisco, the Mission, A-1 brings us a remix to what was original a fresh track that left me completely spent. I have nothing but great things to say about this song and it's an absolute pleasure being able to share this with you. Slump. Rest. Eat.…

Pho Deli: “B.Y.O.U.” (Produced Mr. Carmack & Kaytranata)

  Phlo Deli¬†is a North Carolina based MC. Kaytranata¬†is a Montreal based DJ/Producer. Mr. Carmack¬†is a¬†Honolulu based DJ/Producer. Put these three together and you get one of the freshest tracks I've heard in a long time... ¬†   Phlo Deli: Facebook Kaytranata: Facebook Mr. Carmack: Facebook